We are thankful you have chosen our practice to care for you during your obstetrical journey. Our providers deliver exclusively at GBMC.


1st Trimester

Optional Testing: genetic carrier screen AND/OR chromosomal screening

2nd Trimester

  • 16-18 Weeks: AFP Lab Work
  • 18-20 Weeks: Anatomy Sonogram
  • Decide about cord blood banking

3rd Trimester

  • Schedule classes for 28-32 weeks (Access Parent Education from our website or GBMC.org)
  • Start search for a pediatrician (decide prior to delivery)
  • 24-28 Weeks: Glucose and Anemia Screening
  • Tdap vaccination after 27 weeks and prior to 36 weeks
  • 36-37 Weeks: GBS Testing
  • 36 Weeks: Talk about Labor!