Our new obstetrical patients will have their first visit with our Nurse Practitioner, Amanda Nossel.  Expect the visit to be about 30 minutes. Your medical, surgical, social and family history will be discussed as well as what to expect as your pregnancy progresses. If you did not have preconception testing, genetic screening for patients  will be offered. Chromosomal testing will be discussed and will be performed after 10-11 weeks, or at your next visit.

Panorama Chromosomal Screening

Panorama testing is non-invasive prenatal testing that screens for chromosomal abnormalities in the baby during pregnancy. 

Horizon Carrier Screening

Horizon is carrier screening that looks at maternal genetic markers to determine the potential risk for passing on serious conditions. This testing only needs to be done once. If you were screened with a previous pregnancy or preconception that is sufficient.

Prenatal Diagnostic Center at GBMC

The Prenatal Diagnostic Center at GBMC (PDC) offers consultations to patients seeking pregnancy, high risk patients and patients with positive genetic carrier screenings. Please call the office for a referral and to see if a consultation with PDC is right for you.

Safe Medications in Pregnancy

Pregnancy Medication List

Prenatal Care Timeline

Prenatal Care Timeline